Watch Episode 1 : Did Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph really live?

A Trey Smith & M Hughes new series

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A Trey Smith & M Hughes new series; Did Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph really live?

Did the Biblical Joseph (son of Jacob/Israel) really live and rule in Egypt? If so, is evidence of his amazing life purposely being erased simply because he is mentioned in the Bible? And what was his name in the language of the Egyptians?

And why does it matter?...
More and more people all over the world, using powerful ancestral search engines, strive to uncover family histories and heritage long forgotten. Today, either through tradition or research, millions of people have came to believe they are the descendants of Abraham through Isaac, Jacob, and even Joseph. In short, millions believe these are real people with their adventures being a part of real history.

So, if this is true, and they are, in fact, part of Jacob's or even Joseph's "family tree", then the history of Joseph is ALSO part of the true family history and heritage of millions of people today! Imagine, Joseph could be YOUR great, great... grandfather!

So, while millions are rediscovering their family history, there is a coordinated effort among governments to re-write history and deny that Joseph ever existed.

Today, these same governments, together with their schools, universities, and museums, claim that Joseph never lived, so by extension, any actual historical events that match the adventures of Joseph are merely... coincidence.

Question Coincidence.

We hope you enjoy this first episode and look forward to the next!

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