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Michael Hughes

Michael Hughes is an inventor, entrepreneur and the founder of Sunbeam America, a company that produces renewable energy products and solutions for various markets12He is also the CEO of Sunbeam Motorsports, a division that specializes in electric vehicles and motorcycles3.

One of his most notable inventions is the Rocket Man™ Fast Relief System, a line of products that use natural or synthetic ingredients to provide faster and more effective relief for various health conditions, such as pain, inflammation, neuropathy and sexual dysfunction12. The system consists of a drink and a tablet that work together to deliver the active ingredients to the body in less than half the time of a standard tablet1.

Michael Hughes has been involved in innovation since the 1980s, when he developed a device that could train and monitor the muscular response of patients with neurological problems1. He has also designed and manufactured gadgets for over 40,000 retail locations in the US and Canada, including car dealerships, gas stations and convenience stores2.

Michael Hughes is also known as the Rocket Man because of his passion for rockets and space exploration. He has built and launched several rockets, some of which have reached altitudes of over 100 miles3. He is currently working on a project to send a rocket to the moon3.